Discover how you can transform normal piano chords into big piano chords (open chords). Use both hands, sound incredibly impressive and go into MELODY OVERDRIVE. You can have SO much fun with this. Seriously!

EXTRA BONUS – The open chord you can use to link two chords together to sound melodic and uplifting!

HINT… Hollywood uses this trick ALL THE TIME!

The Beauty of playing open chords like this is that you can get familiar with just one position, and simply move it around the different chords within the key. It sounds AMAZING especially when you start experimenting and switching those chords around.


1:32 – This is what Open Chords can sound like

2:19 – How To Play Open Chords (Method One)

6:22 – How to play open chords (method two) – Use this with method one and… woah, it can sound EPIC AS…

10:12 – Some specific chord progressions to get used to the technique

14:16 – Oh and one more thing (because I’m so kind)

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IMPORTANT – This is one way you can play open chords. There are others for example instead of playing power chords in the left hand, you can increase the spread to C G Octave E. The stretch can be hard if your playing all the notes at once but its something you can try.

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