How To Build A Chord On ANY Key (The Chord Formula)

Learn Easy Chord Hacks:

Building major and minor triads is so much fun once you understand the formula to create them on your own!

I use triads all the time to make beautiful harmony when I play some of my favorite songs.

Triads also make everything you play a sound so much cooler!

Here’s a breakdown of this lesson:

– Root Position Chords – 0:31
– Major Chord – 1:50
– Minor Chord – 2:02
– A fun exercise to try – 2:59
– Moving chords around – 3:38
– Final thoughts – 4:19

Moving your triads around the keyboard and changing them to major or minor gives you so many options for what to play.

Give it a try and let me know how playing your triads helps give ou more sounds to work with.

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Example of songs that use these 4 chords:

In this beginner lesson, we look at a very common chord progression which uses four chords. These 4 chords are used in hundreds of songs!

In the key of C the chords are as follows: C, G, Am, F

Practice playing around with these chords to get them under your fingers. You should use different inversions and voicings around the piano.

Once you are comfortable with the chords, you can add some timing and rhythm. Start by playing each chord and count 4 beats for each one. Then you can begin adding in different patterns such as split chords and arpeggios.

Once you can do all of this, you can either sing the melody of songs over the top or work the melody out by ear, and play it in your right hand whilst playing the chords in your left.

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