Jazz Lesson for Classical Pianists

This video is a jazz lesson for classical pianists.

It includes an overview of what you’ll need to learn in order to play jazz, if you’re already somewhat proficient at classical piano.

This video is not for beginners, but is a jazz lesson for classical pianists who want to branch into jazz.

You should already know:
– Major/minor scales
– Dominant chords
– Inversions

This video will teach you how to improvise in a jazz context.

I will give a more thorough lesson on each of the following topics in the coming weeks, so check back every week for another video. In the mean time, I give a brief overview of the following topics in this video:

– rhythm
— count basie
— oscar peterson
— combinations of on and offbeats,
– Blues progression
– comping (you should practice this along to a blues play-along in all keys)
– 2 5 1
– Rhythmic soloing: call and response (motivic dev)
– Melody (octave exercise) (motivic development, call and response)
– Upper extensions
– vocabulary
– enclosures
– motivic development: build out from nothing, to say something.
– Make a practice schedule that incorporates all of these things, and makes time for listening.

I hope you enjoy, and check back next week for the video on Rhythm!

– Weekly Piano

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