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Beginner Piano Foundations – Part 1

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Chord Shell & Guide Tone Exercises

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Block Chords

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Coloring Dominant Chords With Upper Structures



Do you want to learn jazz piano? Have you tried in the past and pressed pause in discouragement? Do you struggle to comprehend the music theory that jazz pianists seem to roll off their tongues so easily—“just play an E♭7(♯9♭13)“? Maybe you’ve been playing for awhile, but you still get that lump in your throat when someone asks, “do you play jazz?” What does is take to really be considered a professional jazz pianist and how can you get there? Friend, if you want to learn jazz piano, you’ve come to the right place. In this Quick Tip, I’m going to give you 10 steps that provide a solid roadmap for your journey. Will you join me? Chances are, you are already a few steps further along than you think! Check out the following preview…

1. Major Scales
2. Major & Minor Triads
3. 7th Chords
4. Chord Shells & Guide Tones
5. Chord Extensions & Alterations
6. Rootless Voicings
7. Block Chords
8. Drop 2 Voicings
9. Quartal Voicings
10. Upper Structures

00:00 Intro
00:51 Step 1: learn the major scales
01:13 Melody example: Fly Me to the Moon
01:40 Step 2: learn major & minor chords
02:29 Step 3: 7th chords
03:03 7th chord examples
03:53 Step 4: shells & guide tones
04:46 Examples of shells & guide tones
05:19 Step 5: extensions & alterations
07:12 Examples of alterations & extensions
07:39 Step 6: rootless voicings
09:08 Examples of rootless voicings
09:36 Step 7: block chords
11:13 Examples of block chords
11:43 Step 8: drop 2 chords
13:03 Example of drop 2
13:27 Step 9: quartal voicings
14:42 Example of quartal voicings
15:16 Step 10: upper structures
16:44 Example of upper structures
17:08 Conclusion

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Jonny May
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