Play with 2 Hands on Piano (Practice these 10 Easy Exercises)

How to play with 2 Hands on Piano – Practice these Coordination Exercises. A piano tutorial on piano hand independence, finger independence and hand coordination.

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πŸŽ₯ This piano tutorial is for beginners out there! 😍😍

You are frustrated you can’t coordinate playing both hands. You’re dying to play amazing piano music but just can’t seem to get your hands to do different things at the same time. You’re not sure how to start or what to practice to get better at hand coordination.

In this video, I teach you how to get your hands to do different things plus 10 fun exercises for you to practice and improve your hand coordination.

πŸ•˜ Timestamps
0:00 Intro
1:13 Fun Coordination Challenge (Stroke and Punch)
2:09 10 levels of piano coordination exercises
2:48 Level 1- Best friends (Play up and down together)
4:38 Level 2- The Mirror (Play Opposite Directions)
6:18 Level 3- 2 for 1 (RH play 2, LH play 1)
6:50 Level 4- 2 for 1 (LH play 2, RH play 1)
7:08 Level 5- 3 for 1 (RH play 3, LH play 1)
7:26 Level 6- 3 for 1 (LH play 3, RH play 1)
7:37 Level 7- 4 for 1 (RH play 4, LH play 1)
7:49 Level 8- 4 for 1 (LH play 4, RH play 1)
8:10 Level 9- Polyrhythm (RH play 3, LH play 2)
8:44 Level 10- Polyrhythm (LH play 3, RH play 2)

If you found Level 9 and 10 super duper hard, check out this video where I break it down slowly for you:

Find Part 2 here:

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