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Dominate Your Piano Scales in 10 Minutes a Day [Free Webinar]

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Dominate Your Piano Scales in 10 Minutes a Day [Free Webinar]

Get the Lightning Fast Piano Scales Ebook + Bonuses here:

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Link to video of me playing all 12 major scales, 4 octaves each:

Hey, it’s Zach.

In this free piano webinar, we’re going to go over how to learn piano scales for beginners (though you can use these same tactics even if you’re intermediate or advanced).

More importantly, we’re going to learn a Systematic Training Plan to develop smooth, fast scales with 10 minutes a day of practice. Here’s what we’ll cover in the webinar:

1. Piano Scales Overview
-Why people have trouble learning scales and how to fix it.

2. The Accelerated Learning Techniques
-Strategies for hitting your scales from all angles to learn in the shortest time possible.

3. The Systematic Plan
-Crafting the strategies into a systematic, day by day plan to dominate your scales.

4. The Single Biggest Mistake
-The mistake it seems ALL beginner’s make and how to fix it (you could be doing everything else right, and you won’t get results if you make this mistake!)

5. Bonuses and specials
-Free bonus PDFs, as well as a special deal I have going on for a complete ebook training plan.

Anyway, I challenge you to watch all the way through the video without getting distracted, and then sit down at the piano as soon as possible to go over all the techniques and actually practice them! You and I know that’s the only way to truly get results.

Here’s the link again with the special bonus deal from the end of the video:

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Piano Lessons Year 1- Free Online Video Lessons

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A-1 Piano Key Names – FREE Beginner Piano Video Lessons – Lesson 1

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Printable materials to accompany this full 12- lesson pre-beginner piano unit are available here:

Index of all 12 Lessons:

Pre-Staff Beginner Piano Lessons

Note Reading Crash Course:

What are the names of the piano keys?
Welcome to Lesson 1 of PianoVideoLessons free Beginner Piano Lessons series. This series of free video lessons is designed to walk you through learning all of the basic of piano playing. After completing the Beginner Piano Lessons Series you will be ready to start to read notes on the staff. All of these Beginner Video Piano Lessons are taught without sheet music so you will get a solid foundation in understanding the mechanics of playing the piano. More videos lessons will continue to be added to teach you to read and play piano. If you`re looking to learn to read notes and want to do it quickly, I recommend my Note Reading Crash Course.

Free Piano Lessons: These free videos are great for beginners of all ages! For kids, for adults, for you!! Learn to play piano videos

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