Eight killer tips to improve your piano learning

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Tutorial on ear training: http://youtu.be/EJNH5nSEEIo
Piano for absolute beginners series (reading music): http://goo.gl/5UqKP2

This tutorial focusses on eight tips that will help you learn the piano, especially if you’re teaching yourself. If you’re learning to play it’s all too easy to get focussed on the very narrow activity of learning particular pieces or scales, and ignore wider musicianship skills that will actually help you become a better pianist, faster.

Much of this is about internalising key skills, like aural skills, knowledge of harmony and intervals. There are fairly simple things you can do to do those things, such as branching out beyond the piano music you’re learning from, singing, watching other people play, working things out on the piano, writing your own basic compositions and more.
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