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3 Easy Songs for Beginners (learn in 5 minutes…)

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What’s up my piano friends!! Today I’m going to teach you 3 easy beginner piano songs.

Not gonna lie, these sound BEAUTIFUL on piano…

…but they’re actually ridiculously easy to learn.

Even if you’re a complete beginner, you could learn each song in about 5 minutes (no, for real…).

By the way, this isn’t Twinkle Twinkle or Mary Had a Little Lamb. These are real songs you’d hear on the radio by people like Charlie Puth, The Beatles, ect.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

00:00 Intro
00:19 Song 1
01:55 The 1-2-3-4 Practice Method
03:17 Song 2 (the most FAMOUS one)
04:19 Song 3 (the Tear Jerker)
05:57 How to Learn Even MORE Songs Using the SAME Chords

By the way make sure you stick around to Song 3, the Tear Jerker. This one’s a crowd favorite. It gets people really emotional (that’s why it’s called the tear jerker), and they’ll be singing along for sure.

Oh, and btw we’re gonna use simple “Chord Shapes” instead of complicated sheet music. It’s gonna make the process 10x easier to learn… but you’ll see what I mean in the video.

What’s up my piano friends!! Today’s video we’re going go over 4 piano songs that are absolutely PERFECT to play even if you’re a complete beginner.

They’re easy… but they SOUND impressive. So, ya know, your friends will think you’re cool and stuff haha.

And not like “Mary had a little lamb” type songs – actual songs from the radio by Bruno Mars, Adele, and Ed Sheeran that you can learn pretty fast… and you only need one hand 🙂

Oh… and we’ll be learning using “Chord Shapes” instead of sheet music – which’ll make things 10X easier (you’ll see what I mean in the video…)

Oh, and btw if you’re a complete beginner, no worries, this tutorial is specifically designed for beginners and intermediate players, adults and for kids, and we start slow and take absolute baby steps tot make sure you’ll get it frustration-free. We’ll cover the technique and theory to get you up and running, and all the notes to play while avoiding all the bad habits.

Here’s a link to the cheat sheet again for ya:


4 MORE Piano Songs That Are PERFECT For Beginners–Jk&list=PLXufPPxby9p66nomvGcar6eebbwVJCC_C&index=38

2. Create Emotion With Just 4 Notes [EASY]

3. 4 Steps to become FAST & STEADY on PIANO

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-Zach Evans

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A Sky Full Of Stars - Sing 2 - Very Easy and Slow Piano tutorial - Only White Keys

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The EASIEST Christmas song on piano! (MUST LEARN) #shorts

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I tried to learn piano in 30 DAYS & it broke my brain

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I tried to learn piano in 30 DAYS & it broke my brain

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As every single one of us – we like expensive gear. We think that it will make us better producers. Covered in dust that gear then sits in our rooms and people asking “oh so you play piano? that’s so cute” can only hear a disappointing answer. Well it’s time to CHANGE THIS. It’s time! to become the greatest pianist and be able to finally say “oh heah baby, I do play piano 😁”. Time to learn it once and for all.

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Learn To Play The Piano COMPLETE COLLECTION – Lessons 1-40

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How Adults Can Learn Piano Quickly – 7 tips

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This video is for all adult piano beginners out there. I talk about 7 tips to help you learn piano efficiently and stay motivated. Learning piano is only for kids, right? Wrong! Learning piano in adulthood is an enriching and rewarding experience. Watch to hear some tips that will help you out.

The easiest way to learn piano:
(All my students use this app too! 😀)

🕘 Timestamps
0:00 Intro
0:26 Don’t rush
1:43 Learn the basics- read notes, chords, etc.
2:13 Stick to a daily practice routine
3:36 Work on songs you love
4:33 Take it one step at a time
4:57 Be willing to make mistakes
5:50 Start now

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Tutorials and Tips:

Easy Songs You Can Learn Right Now:

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Complete Beginner Piano Lesson- Learn an Easy Song

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So you bought your piano and think – “What do I do now?”. Well, the answer is here on this video. In this piano lesson, I will delve in the basics from the keyboard to a simple chord practice and even a bonus song for you to learn. So dive right in and let’s get started!

Have any questions or requests for the next beginner lessons? You know what to do – leave them in the comments below so I can list them for future lessons. 🤓

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The easiest way to learn piano:
(All my students use this app too! 😀)

🕘 Timestamps
0:00 Intro
0:47 A Simple Hand Exercise
1:41 Fingering
4:00 Reading Sheet Music
7:15 Learning Chords
9:50 Your First Piano Song

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Tutorials and Tips:

Easy Songs You Can Learn Right Now:

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*+ Easy piano song to learn~! +*

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Piano Hack! Learn complex Jazz Chords in 4 minutes!

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In this short video I teach an easy way to learn 11th chords.
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Learn to Play Piano on GarageBand #1 – How to Play Music with Your Computer Keyboard

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This series of videos shows you how to open up GarageBand and navigate the program so you can play piano on your computer keyboard in GarageBand with the musical typing tool. If you enjoy this, check out our piano courses and tutorials available on our website:

Lesson one: learning to use the program GarageBand.
A lot of people want to learn music but don’t own an instrument because instruments, especially the piano, can be expensive. How would you know you wanted to own a piano, if you had never practiced it? This series of videos, which adapts piano lessons to be practiced on the free program GarageBand, will allow you to practice some easy piano exercises, so you can understand how exciting and fun playing piano can be. These videos are a perfect introduction to see if learning the piano is right for you and you can do it all on your computer keyboard without having to buy or borrow a piano!

What is Liberty Park Music? Liberty Park Music (LPM) is an educational website and music teaching platform. Complete piano, guitar, music theory, and drum lessons are all available at Follow well designed course curriculum from experience music teachers to reach your music learning goals!

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You will find sheet music for all the songs our YouTube channel as well as many other classic and contemporary pieces! And our library of music is growing every day! Click the link and help yourself to an amazing musical resource!

New videos every Tuesday and Thursday! Request songs in the comments below or connect with us by using the hashtag #askLPM



1) You will hear a melodic cell played on a piano (one or more notes)
2) Using “trial and error”, you will have to play what you heard on your piano. Use pause if necessary.
3) You will hear and see what it was played, then back to step 1) for another melodic cell.

Practice this for several days, start from where you still find problems.

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Piano for beginners: Lesson 1 – Learn to Play Piano – Bernachon

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Beginner piano tutorial. Learn how to play classical piano with the Bernachon Method. Lesson 1 for adults
A lesson in reading piano sheets and keyboad understanding for the beginner. This complete tutorial will show you the basics of how understand and therefore to read music notes for both the treble clef and bass clef. The lesson is taught for the piano, or other keyboards, but it can be usefull for other instruments using treble and bass clefs.
Full course include more then 63 lessons and is available on our site.
Series 1
Lesson 1:
Lesson 2:
Lesson 3:
Lesson 4:
Series 2
Lesson 26:


– the method fully dedicated to classical piano

– course that includes piano and solfeggio

– very detailed and long piano and solfeggio lessons

– simultaneous partition and keyboard viewing

– exceptional course content in quantity and in quality

– possibility of having a personalized follow-up (French speaking students)

– possibility of viewing classes 24h / 24h

– learning booklet available in PDF format for free (in French)

– scores of exercises and works available in PDF format for free

– help and answers to quick questions (within 48 hours)

– fast and efficient technical support

What is a piano lesson with the Bernachon Method?
Want to learn classical piano? Take piano lessons online? So, you are on the right site! The advice offered in the videos will bring you an undeniable basic classical piano, it will allow you to progress at your own pace. Added to all this, you will also have at your disposal images as support to offer you the best tips possible to learn this instrument. If you are wondering about the reliability of piano lessons, no worries to be done on this side! Indeed, the courses are held by a professional! Children (from 12 to 13 years old), adults, beginners, intermediate or even advanced: Your support for piano lessons is insured on the site ( itermediaite and advanced students only in French) !

The pedagogical method used on our platform for piano lessons, is a method of piano and classical learning transposed online. Is excellent since it gives to each student the opportunity to follow a common program at his own pace, and possibly add an individual follow-up by Frédéric Bernachon. No one is left on the roadside and everyone has access to training designed by a classical piano professional with relevant and adapted piano lessons.

Feel free to watch the comments, testimonials of other students or press reviews to find your way and see that for classical piano lessons you are at the right place.

How to work a piano course at beginner level (the rhythm of the lessons)? For the beginner level, we strongly advise to assimilate about four piano lessons per month (corresponding to a piano lesson per week.) It also depends on your availability. Indeed, the more you are available and the faster you will advance!

If you have practiced classical piano before or have taken piano lessons, you can start with the middle courses of the series. Important: Make sure you can follow the reading of notes. For this, the proposed applications such as Solf’APLY, Solf’MEMO and Notes Reader will help you strongly for this purpose. Indeed, they will offer you the ability to decipher the scores correctly so that piano lessons are even easier.
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