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Ethan Bortnick – engravings (Official Video)

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Official Video for “engravings” by Ethan Bortnick
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Produced by: The 98 Art Collective 
Co-directed by: Mallika Chandaria and Zach Cooper
Producer: Cameron Morton
Cinematography by: Zach Cooper
Steadicam Operator: Austin Schwichtenberg 
1st AC: Aaron Zimmerman 
2nd AC: Sebastien Prudent
Gaffer: Chase Shamlian 
Key Grip: Steve Szmed 
Grip: Gleydi Santana 
Production Designer: Daniel Prosky 
Art Assistant: Vaughn Cummings 
Art Assistant: Yasemin Bilgen 
Wardrobe Supervisor: Samira Frias 
HMU: Tish Ferguson 
Intimacy Coordinator: Stephanie Castillo 
Production Coordinator: Dana DePirri 
Truck PA: Karlo Corona
Production Assistant: TJ Butzke 
Production Assistant: Yessmeen Moharram
Edit: Jacob Panzer
Color: Mary Perrino
Talent: Ethan Bortnick & Lucia Zambetti
Columbia Video Commissioners: Nia Andrews & Alexa Zeliger
Columbia Marketing: Hannah Friedland
Columbia Digital: Sarah Flanagan & Drew Schieffelin

Eyes blood bones
Stuck in your rainbow clothes
Rest my case,
If it’s not rearranged
Trading panic attacks
you finally threw it all back
Then told me how he abused you
You had to gut out the truth
But I already knew
That you’ve got nothing left to lose
Strip for me
Took off everything except your sleeves
all the pain is underneath
I’m listening
To everything
Please tell me everything
I’ll put my hand up on your chest
So you forget your engravings
Not one bite 
Stomach knots from our fight
Can’t do shit
The puzzle pieces don’t fit
You warned me of other guys
And then you told me you lied
you schemed to see my reaction 
I had to throw up the truth
But you already knew
That In a month we’d be strangers 
Strip for me
Took off everything except your sleeves
all the pain is underneath
I’m listening
To everything
Please tell me everything
I’ll put my hand up on your chest
So you forget your engravings

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Winona Oak – Piano In The Sky [Official Music Video]

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Directed and Produced by: Julian Gillström
DoP: Robin Asselmeyer
1st AC: Ulf Leide
Editor: Georg Bungard
Colorist: Sabina Törnberg
Set Design: Robin Bergman
Set Assistant: Freddy Åsblom
Stylist: Gloria Gillström
Prod Assistants: Elliot Flord & Benjamin Curtis

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About Peppa Pig official channel:

Welcome to the Official Peppa Pig channel and the home of Peppa on YouTube! We have created a world of Peppa with episodes and compilations to keep even the most dedicated Peppa fans happy. Here at Peppa Pig Official channel, kids can be happy and smart! Watch Peppa Pig clips and episodes where Peppa Pig play games with her friends, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig tell the bedtime stories, Peppa Pig sings nursery rhymes and songs, Peppa and her family and friends celebrate Christmas and Halloween together! Peppa Pig episodic animation, Peppa Pig songs for kids, Peppa Pig toy play and Peppa Pig Stop motion create a world that centres on the everyday experiences of young children. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe.

Peppa is a loveable, cheeky little piggy who lives with her little brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Peppa’s favourite things include playing games and music, learning animal sounds, dressing up, days out, shopping, holidays and jumping in muddy puddles. Her adventures always end happily with loud snorts of laughter.


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Meet Peppa Pig and her family:

Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig is a lovable but slightly bossy little pig. She is four years old and lives with Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and her little brother George. Peppa likes playing with her best friend Suzy Sheep, visiting Granny and Grandpa Pig and looking after George. Most of all, Peppa loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles, laughing and making loud snorting noises.

George Pig
George is Peppa’s little brother. He is 18 months old and loves to play with his big sister, Peppa – even when she’s being bossy. George’s favourite thing is his toy dinosaur. He carries it everywhere with him. George can’t speak yet but can say one word very well: ‘Dine-saw!’

Mummy Pig
Mummy Pig likes jumping up and down in muddy puddles almost as much as Peppa. She works from home on her computer and sometimes lets Peppa and George help, as long as they don’t bash the keyboard. She is better at map reading than Daddy Pig and is very wise about most things.

Daddy Pig
Daddy Pig is very jolly and laughs all the time, especially when he plays with Peppa and George. Daddy Pig reads the paper and gets excited about trips in the car. He loves cookies and pumpkin pie and Peppa teases him about his big round tummy. Daddy Pig can be a tiny bit grumpy sometimes when he can’t remember where he put his glasses.

Have fun with Peppa Pig and her friends: Suzy Sheep,Rebecca Rabbit,Danny Dog,Candy Cat,Pedro Pony,Zoe Zebra,Emily Elephant,Freddy Fox,Kylie Kangaroo,Wendy Wolf,Gabriella Goat,Gerald Giraffe,Molly Mole,Belinda Bear,Delphine Donkey, Peggi and Pandora Panda,Mandy Mouse,Simon Squirrel!


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Peppa Pig created by Mark Baker and Neville Astley.
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The Pianist (2002) Official Trailer – Adrien Brody Movie

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Starring: Adrien Brody, Emilia Fox and Thomas Kretschmann
The Pianist (2002) Official Trailer – Adrien Brody Movie

A Polish Jewish musician struggles to survive the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto of World War II.

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