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Perfect – Ed Sheeran | EASY Piano Tutorial

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The PERFECT Piano Practice Morning Routine (For Beginners)

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What’s up my piano friends!! Today’s video we’re going to cover a simple, 10 minute practice plan (AKA “Piano Workout Plan”) for beginners that can get some insane results IF you follow it consistently. Here’s what we’ll cover:

00:00 Intro
00:51 A simple-but-powerful technique exercise to develop flawless technique
05:10 A practical chords exercise designed to help you learn songs fast
11:23 Section 3: An easy Improv drill you can use even if you’ve never improvised in your life
12:53 Section 4: The “5-7 Motivation Method” that helps even inconsistent practicers stick with it

Make sure you stick around to the end, this practice plan won’t work without consistency, and the 5-7 Motivation Method is critical for staying consistent.

Oh, and btw if you’re a complete beginner, no worries, it’s specifically designed for beginners, and we take absolute baby steps tot make sure you’ll get it frustration-free. Don’t forget to download the Cheat Sheet to make it even easier

1. Go here:
2. Sign Up with your name and email (yes, it’s really free lol)
3. Get your cheat sheet!

Happy practicing!


1. Learn 4 Chords & Quickly Play 100’s of Songs (Beginner)

2. Ultimate Guide to Piano Chords (Beginner)

3. BADASS Dark Chord Progression You Can Use Today (Advanced)

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4 Piano Songs That Are PERFECT For Beginners

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What’s up my piano friends!! Today’s video we’re going go over 4 piano songs that are absolutely PERFECT to play even if you’re a complete beginner.

They’re easy… but they SOUND impressive. So, ya know, your friends will think you’re cool and stuff haha.

And not like “Mary had a little lamb” type songs – actual songs from the radio by Bruno Mars, Adele, and Ed Sheeran that you can learn pretty fast… and you only need one hand 🙂

Oh… and we’ll be learning using “Chord Shapes” instead of sheet music – which’ll make things 10X easier (you’ll see what I mean in the video…)

Here’s what we’ll cover:

00:00 Intro
00:32 “Just the Way You Are” – Bruno Mars
02:32 “Hello” – Adele
04:25 “Shivers” – Ed Sheeran
05:38 The Most Romantic Song… ❤️
07:23 Learn 4 Chords & 100’s of Songs

Make sure you stick around to the end – the last song is the heart melter… perfect to play for your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend…

… or ya know, that girl from Starbucks you’re too scared to talk to 😉

Oh, and btw if you’re a complete beginner, no worries, this tutorial is specifically designed for beginners and intermediate players, adults and for kids, and we start slow and take absolute baby steps tot make sure you’ll get it frustration-free. We’ll cover the technique and theory to get you up and running, and all the notes to play while avoiding all the bad habits.


1. Learn 4 Chords & Quickly Play 100’s of Songs (Beginner)

2. Create Emotion With Just 4 Notes [EASY]

3. 4 Steps to become FAST & STEADY on PIANO

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-Zach Evans

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So I spent a year learning to play the piano. This video – the result of probably about 350-400 hours of practice – doesn’t even come close to some of the one-year progress videos out there, but I’m putting it up here as a record of my progress, and hopefully to inspire someone else to take a leap into starting something they’ve always wanted to do.

I messed around with a bunch of different songs that I couldn’t include in this video, and I’m planning to continue tweaking everything I worked on – as you can probably hear, my tempo and dynamics need work even on the stuff I can ‘play’. I used a bunch of resources, but some of the most useful were:

Jane’s Piano (YouTube channel)
Andrew Furmanczyk (YouTube channel)
Alfred’s Basic Level 1 (
My keyboard is a Roland FP10:

(Disclaimer: These are affiliate links, I’ll a commission if you buy the book or piano from them. No extra charges are made to you. Thank you!)

I practised scales pretty much every day that I sat at the piano for at least the first eight months, and added in arpeggios and chord inversions after that. I also started reading music from my first day, although I didn’t practice that as much as I should have – planning much more of it over the next year. If you’ve got any more questions about technique/songs I learned, etc, please hit me up in the comments – and please subscribe to see future piano projects!
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Pianist Flexes His Perfect Pitch on OMEGLE…

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Piano Lessons London at the Sokol Piano Academy

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Perfect (Ed Sheeran) Piano Cover Lesson in G with Chords/Lyrics

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REAL KEY: TRANSPOSE +1 for the real key of Ab Major… ..CHART AT : …Cover Lesson with chords and lyrics 😉 …Please LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE if this was a help to you! Woohootiehoo and Best of luck!
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4 Songs That Are Perfect For Beginners (Piano Lesson)

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Learn Piano At Home (Just .44/week)

Can you play a song the first time you ever play the piano?


When I was teaching privately, I would always make sure the student played a song in their very first lesson.

Playing songs is why we play the piano. It’s FUN.

Many beginners don’t believe they can play songs that fast. Maybe you don’t. But you don’t have to practice technique for months to be able to have fun and play some real music.

Here are 4 songs that are perfect for beginners. For each song, I’ve included a chord chart that you can download for FREE so you can follow along and practice at home.

Most of these songs are taken from our 500 Songs in 5 Days training pack, which is an awesome way to learn popular songs super fast 🙂

Here are the songs and timecodes:

– Song #1 – Cups (When I’m Gone) by Anna Kendrick – 0:37
FREE Chord Chart download:

– Song #2 – Hello by Adele – 2:38
FREE Chord Chart download:

– Song #3 – Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars – 4:14
FREE Chord Chart download:

– Song #4 – Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi – 5:29
FREE Chord Chart download:

To learn more about chords and the difference between major and minor chords (and how to play them) check out our FREE Chord Hacks series:

We also have another free series for complete beginners here:

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Learn Piano At Home (Just .44/week)

Getting Started On The Piano (NEW free video series!):

These 4 exercises are fantastic for anyone wanting to improve their speed, dexterity, hand independence, and control.

These are geared towards beginners, but they can be used by any level as a great way to ‘wake up’ the fingers and develop muscle memory.

Here are the four exercises and their timecodes:

1. The Five Finger Sale – 0:20

This exercise uses the five finger scale to work on control and hand independence. Start slow, and make sure that you are always in control of the notes you are playing.

To make it more difficult, you can try playing one hand smoothly (legato) and the other hand sharply (staccato). To make it even MORE difficult try it with each hand playing a different length note.

2. The Contrary Motion Scale – 3:10

This scale sounds fancy, but it’s not as hard as it sounds. Start with both thumbs on Middle C. Then play the C scale UP with your right hand and DOWN with your left.

When you’re comfortable, start experimenting with dynamics, to control the volume.

3. The Solid Claw – 4:55

This is called the claw because we make a claw shape with our hand, and use our 1, 3 and 5 fingers to play a chord. Once you can play a chord, work your way up the keyboard to play a chord on each note, and come back down again.

If this is too difficult, you can take out the middle finger for now, and just use the top and bottom notes.

4. The Broken Claw – 6:19

This is very similar to the Solid Claw, except instead of playing the notes as chords, we are going to play each one separately. This exercise can be very challenging, so make sure you take it slow.

These lessons vary in difficulty, so if you can’t do them all, that’s ok! Work on what you can do, and practice to get better. If you can do them all, that’s great! Work to get them faster, and check out some of our more advanced exercises on our channel.

If you liked playing chords, and want to learn more about them, check out our free Chord Hack series here:

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