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Jazz Piano For Beginners || Tutorial #3: combining scales into an improvisation

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Next tutorial in the series due: Wed 30th Nov 2016 EDIT: I’ve pushed it back into December to make room for the latest Train Your Piano Brain and some Christmas stuff. Look out for Jazz Piano #4 the week before Christmas!

Previous tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZxYMVef6Kc

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Full fingerings for major and minor scales: http://www.pianoscales.org/major.html [NB, this page is a great resource, but I’d avoid using their suggested fingerings for pentatonic scales, which I think encourage overuse of the strongest fingers]

This is the third in my series of tutorials on jazz piano for absolute beginners. In this one we think in more detail about how to build and use particular scales, work on a new exercise and look in depth at how you might approach it.
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JAZZ THEORY EXPLAINED IN 20 MINUTES (chords, scales, 9ths 11ths 13ths)

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JAZZ THEORY EXPLAINED IN 20 MINUTES (chords, scales, 9ths 11ths 13ths)

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0:32 Jazz Chords
2:06 Types of 7th Chord
3:31 Chord Extensions (9 11 13)
5:35 Altered Extensions (b9 #9 #11 b13)
7:16 Chord Voicings
8:23 The ii-V-I Progression
11:06 Partial ii-V-Is
12:55 The Minor ii-V-I
16:03 Jazz Scales

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