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Simple Exercise For Practicing & Memorizing Chords

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If you have problems remembering how to play simple triad chords (C major, F minor, Bb major, etc) on the piano, then I have a great exercise for you based on the circle of fourths/fifths to help you memorize those chords and train your playing! Basically, it involves playing the chords throughout the circle: C to F, F to Bb, Bb to Eb and so forth. This will also help you practice your inversions.

If you need a refresher on how to build triads (major and minor chords mostly), please visit my Piano Quickie series to get you started. Here’s a link to the playlist:

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Fundamental, simple and very powerful right hand modal jazz piano exercises. We take advantages of the physiology of the hand using primarily the 3 first fingers making a strong, simple and ‘fast moving’ foundation to be used when playing a jazz piano solo.

We reuse the same unique 3 finger hand grip (lick) to play the pentatonic scale and all the 7 church modes. Furthermore we use the hand grip to play chromatic scale and off scale.

Having done the groundwork we expand the 3 finger hand grip also using the 4. and 5. finger.

The main idea in this lesson is to make great sound – but in a simple manner. We will avoid overthinking when playing a solo. We will use simple but powerful tools. The tools shall not make things complicated, instead they shall free our mind. Then we can use our energy on expression and feelings bringing forward the soul of music.

I’m referring to the following videos from NewJazz:
Lesson about playing jazzy blues and using blue notes:
Lesson about playing chromatic, atonal and non diatonic using structures, sequences and patterns:
Building the Circle of Church Modes:
Advanced lesson about modal theory:
Playlist with Music by Oliver Prehn:
All lessons from NewJazz:

Make the circle of church modes. The print in PDF:

Plz write me in the comments below if any questions. I will try to answer as quickly as possible 🙂

Warm Regards
Oliver Prehn

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