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What’s up my piano friends!! Today’s video we’re going to cover a simple, 10 minute practice plan (AKA “Piano Workout Plan”) for beginners that can get some insane results IF you follow it consistently. Here’s what we’ll cover:

00:00 Intro
00:51 A simple-but-powerful technique exercise to develop flawless technique
05:10 A practical chords exercise designed to help you learn songs fast
11:23 Section 3: An easy Improv drill you can use even if you’ve never improvised in your life
12:53 Section 4: The “5-7 Motivation Method” that helps even inconsistent practicers stick with it

Make sure you stick around to the end, this practice plan won’t work without consistency, and the 5-7 Motivation Method is critical for staying consistent.

Oh, and btw if you’re a complete beginner, no worries, it’s specifically designed for beginners, and we take absolute baby steps tot make sure you’ll get it frustration-free. Don’t forget to download the Cheat Sheet to make it even easier

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3. Get your cheat sheet!

Happy practicing!


1. Learn 4 Chords & Quickly Play 100’s of Songs (Beginner)

2. Ultimate Guide to Piano Chords (Beginner)

3. BADASS Dark Chord Progression You Can Use Today (Advanced)

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-Zach Evans

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