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My piano cover of “unravel” – the opening song of Tokyo Ghoul (2014). It was created while I was enrolled in a music conservatory in Germany and I was practicing many advanced classical pieces at that time. This might explain the extreme difficulty level of this piano arrangement, compared to my other arrangements. It is basically full with very risky jumps and super fast runs. Especially the particular “guitar riff” arpeggio at 02:21 is probably the fastest arpeggio I have ever attempted.

This piece is the most difficult piece I have ever arranged and I have put this song in my “top 10 most difficult arrangements” playlist on my channel as well:

I spend around 5 days to fully arrange this song but in order to fully play it, I needed to practice it very intensively for more than a week. This piece requires a high level of left hand and right hand coordination. There are many complicated rhythms in this piece and the only way to properly memorize them all is by repeatedly practicing it again and again in half speed.

Especially the intro melody in 00:35 is often called the “wall”, because of the sheet difficulty of that passage. There are huge jumps with both of your hands at the same time and you have to rely on your muscle memory in order to play it. It is indeed difficult to completely master this piece and I am seriously wondering myself, how I even managed to play this entire song in only one continuous take back then.

In hindsight, if I would arrange this song again, I would use my gained experience from the past five years to make it less frustrating to play, but without losing its musical quality. And I would definitely avoid using those cursed double hand jumps in 00:35.

Perhaps one day, I will make another crazy-level arrangement like this unravel again. But only time can tell whenever I am in the mood for it.

Well, thank you for reading so far, and I hope I can see you again in the next video.
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🎹Piano arrangement by Animenz

Original Song: unravel
Anime: Tokyo Ghoul
Published by: Sony Music Labels Inc. (2014)
Composed by: TK from Ling Tosite Sigure
Performed by: TK from Ling Tosite Sigure
Official Music Video:

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