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Stride Piano Exercises, Jazz Piano Tutorial

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An exercise to develop stride piano techniques, mainly focusing of the Left Hand,. 3 Levels including broken 10ths, easy stride with 3 note chords, and then adding 4 note chords with Right Hand harmony. Finally expanding to playing octaves in either hand or both hands. This exercise requires developing rhythmic skill and pulse in the left hand. The score associated with this video is available as a free download on my website. Also please check out my Jazz Piano Methods book. Website:

Latin Jazz Soloing Techniques – Cuban Piano Lesson Demo

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Get the Video Tutorial where I break down the these techniques note:

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Dave Jones’s Jazz Piano Lesson No 5 which accompanies his article inside Pianist magazine issue 103 (Aug/Sept 2018), out on 27 July. This lesson talks you through how to play the Blues.
NOTE!: The lesson here won’t make too much sense unless you pick up the issue of the magazine and read the article!

How to Make Fast Ascending & Descending Jazz Piano Runs : Piano Lessons

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Making fast ascending and descending jazz piano runs requires a large amount of hand-eye coordination. Make fast ascending and descending jazz piano runs with help from an experienced piano professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Freddie Piphus
Bio: Freddie T. Piphus, a.k.a Pastor P. has been playing piano his entire life.
Filmmaker: Lorenzo Jackson

Series Description: Learning to play the piano is one of the most satisfying things that any aspiring musician can do. Get tips on piano lessons with help from an experienced piano professional in this free video series.

Summertime: Beginner Jazz Piano Tutorial

To get immediate access to the rest of this Summertime jazz piano tutorial and over 16 hours more of the most in depth jazz piano lessons online go to the link above.

You’ll get full notated sheet music
Backing jam tracks
MIDI files
Hours of additional chord lessons
Tons of song tutorials
Jazz improv lessons
Jazz lick lesson
And much more

There are actually 3 complete arrangements of Summertime. This is one of the easy jazz piano arrangements from the course.

One of the best ways to learn jazz piano is to study well filmed jazz tutorials. The Premium course not only uses HD filming so you can watch and rewind every move but it also includes sheet music of every arrangement plus MIDI files.

Enjoy learning the piano chords from this jazz tutorial and have fun practicing!

10 Beginner Jazz Standards

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10 Beginner Jazz Standards

If you are just getting started with jazz, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of standards there are to learn and may not know where to start.

So, in today’s video, I’m going to make things simple and give you 10 beginner jazz standards to learn that will give you a great entry into jazz and also help you learn important lessons along the way.

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Improvisation – Jazz Piano Lessons – Sounds Good at Slow Tempo

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Improvisation – Jazz Piano Lessons – Sounds Good at Slow Tempo

Do your fingers seem to only have one speed—slow?
Want something bluesy you can play slowly and still sound great?

Take some piano lessons from Scott Houston “The Piano Guy.” In this video, Scott shows you how to use a 12 measure pattern to create a great bluesy sound that sounds great played slowly.

The example for these piano lessons are taught in the key of C two octaves down from Middle C.

The order to play the chords follows the 12 measure pattern:

Frequently you will see the C7, F7, G7 played, but today we are going to make it even simpler and use a variation of the C, F and G Chords for your left hand part.

We will just be using the two outside notes (removing the middle note of the triad) of the chords for this pattern.

C = C,E,G: We will play the C & G.
F = F,A,C: We will play just the F & C.
G = G,B,D: We will play the G & D.

After playing the two outside notes, we will keep the pinkie on the root but will then move the thumb up one step and play that. So the pattern will look like this:

1. C & G and C & A
2. C & G and C & A
3. C & G and C & A
4. C & G and C & A
5. F & C and F & D
6. F & C and F & D
7. C & G and C & A
8. C & G and C & A
9. G & D and G & E
10. F & C and F & D
11. C & G and C & A
12. C & G and C & A

Another way to look at it is:

C & G and C & A (playing quarter notes 4 times= 1 measure) X 4
F & C and F & D (playing quarter notes 4 times= 1 measure) X 2
C & G and C & A (playing quarter notes 4 times= 1 measure) X 2
G & D and G & E (playing quarter notes 4 times= 1 measure) X 1
F & C and F & D (playing quarter notes 4 times= 1 measure) X 1
C & G and C & A (playing quarter notes 4 times= 1 measure) X 2

Then repeat over and over again! Added bonus—at the end of each 12 measure pattern before you go back up to the top, you can play a G augmented (G aug) F, B, D# in your right hand

Practice playing the left hand pattern solely until you get to the point that you can play it pretty easily without having to think too hard or until your hand has that muscle memory.

Once you get the left hand pattern down, you are ready to tackle the right hand part. With your right hand, you will be improvising. Just stick to all the white notes with the exception of the Bb. If you want to, you can also include the Eb. If you stick to playing only those keys you will never hit a clam.

The key is to keep your pattern in the left hand playing slowly and consistently at the same tempo.

Have fun with this slow blues pattern. It is a great chance to practice your improvising!

Scott’s life goal is to help you learn to play piano through piano lessons that you can take anywhere and at any time to get you started having some fun at a piano or keyboard as quickly as possible.

Scott Houston is the host of The Piano Guy television series on Public Television and has taught hundreds of thousands of folks like yourself, how to have some fun on their piano or keyboard. He wants to help you get there too—as quickly as possible.

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Improvisation – Jazz Piano Lessons – Sounds Good at Slow Tempo

The Most Essential Chords To Learn, Jazz Piano Tutorial

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Piano Tutorial, Demonstrates the 5 most important and essential chords you should learn. 5 chord types that can be applied to all keys giving you a start on playing chord symbols for standard tunes in fake books or sheet music. Good drill for learning 7th chords and basic triads. This theory is a beginning lesson from my Jazz Piano- Theory. Methods, and Songbook, available on my website:
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Are you ready to swing like Oscar Peterson, Duke Ellington, and Count Basie?!? 🎶 Today, I’m going to show you one of the coolest swing grooves you’ll ever learn – I call it Swing Groove #1

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

– The Super Catchy Melody
– The Turnaround Progression
– 3 Ways to Approach the Groove (Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced)

Whether you want to use this as filler material or the basis of a song, this is one of the most useful grooves you’ll ever learn as a jazz pianist.

If you enjoy jazz swing music, we have 17 full-length courses (1-2 hours) where we do a deep dive on different aspects of swing music, including harmony, rhythm, improvisation, arranging, and more.

Our members get unlimited access to all these courses, plus we add new courses every single month.

Thanks for watching, and see ya in the next Quick Tip!

Your teacher,
Jonny May
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Jazz Lesson for Classical Pianists

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Jazz Lesson for Classical Pianists

This video is a jazz lesson for classical pianists.

It includes an overview of what you’ll need to learn in order to play jazz, if you’re already somewhat proficient at classical piano.

This video is not for beginners, but is a jazz lesson for classical pianists who want to branch into jazz.

You should already know:
– Major/minor scales
– Dominant chords
– Inversions

This video will teach you how to improvise in a jazz context.

I will give a more thorough lesson on each of the following topics in the coming weeks, so check back every week for another video. In the mean time, I give a brief overview of the following topics in this video:

– rhythm
— count basie
— oscar peterson
— combinations of on and offbeats,
– Blues progression
– comping (you should practice this along to a blues play-along in all keys)
– 2 5 1
– Rhythmic soloing: call and response (motivic dev)
– Melody (octave exercise) (motivic development, call and response)
– Upper extensions
– vocabulary
– enclosures
– motivic development: build out from nothing, to say something.
– Make a practice schedule that incorporates all of these things, and makes time for listening.

I hope you enjoy, and check back next week for the video on Rhythm!

– Weekly Piano

Son Secretly Learns Jazz Piano Over 10 Years For Dad's 70th Birthday | NowThis

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This son spent 10 years learning piano in secret so he could surprise his dad on his 70th birthday 🎹 🎉
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How To Read Lead Sheets | Beginner Jazz Piano Lesson

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How To Read Lead Sheets | Beginner Jazz Piano Lesson

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Beginner Jazz Piano Lessons

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