bollywood hit “Deewani Mastani.”

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South African 14-year-old piano and guitarist Justin-Lee Schultz making it big in the US

The Standard Bank Jazz Festival – now in its 34th year – is a special jazz festival, produced as a barometer of South African jazz. 2020 faced one of the biggest problems experienced by the world in a century with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, with nations around the globe literally shutting down for months. This year the program is predominantly South African. The list of performers represents much of the hippest new jazz coming out of South Africa at the moment. One of them is 14-year-old piano and guitar prodigy Justin-Lee Schultz, a South African making it big in the US! He joins us now.

For more news, visit and also #SABCNews #Coronavirus #COVID19News on Social Media.
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