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BigFun 37 Key Piano Keyboard – Piano Unboxing – Chatpat toy tv

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The Flyer’s Bay Big Fun 37 Key Electric Piano Keyboard,Toyshine 37 Key Piano with DC Power Mode, Microphone and Recording
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Dosto aaj ki videome maine unbox aur test kiya hai ek bohat hi kamal ka piano iss electric piano keyboard ko maine kharida tha amazon se 649 rupees iske sath hum ek microphone bhi miljata hai iski quality kafi achi hai.

Piano with 37 Keys And 8 Tones, 8 Rhythms 4 Percussion, Battery Operated:Other Functions: Song Record And Play Function, Volume Control, Tempo ControlDIRECT DC POWER MODE OPTION: Connect Your Mobile Charger to Play on DC Power. Power Saving Mode: It Can Be Easily Powered on by connecting Android Mobile Phone Charger Or By Usb Cable Connected With Any Computer Or Even Power Banks.

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YouTube Trumpet – Play on YouTube with computer Keyboard

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C (0:15) – D (0:30) – E (0:45) – F (1:00) – G (1:15)
A (1:30) – B (1:45) – C (2:00) – D (2:15) – E (0:00)

#YouTubeTrumpet #VirtualTrumpet #PlayTrumpetYoutube

This is YouTube Trumpet! This is an interactive video where you can simply use your computer keyboard and mouse to play the YouTube Trumpet.

Instructions: Play the video and use your computer keyboard (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0) keys to play the corresponding notes/chords of the virtual Trumpet.

YouTube Mandolin:
YouTube Kalimba:
YouTube Trumpet:
YouTube Sitar:
YouTube Metal Guitar:
YouTube Harp:
YouTube Acoustic Guitar:
YouTube Classical Guitar:
YouTube Piano (Chords):
YouTube BASS:
YouTube Saxophone:
YouTube Ukulele:
YouTube Drums:

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Messing around with Despacito with my piano and a loop station.
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Written by Luis Rodríguez, Erika Ender, Ramón Ayala
Arranged by Peter Bence
Camera: Sebastian S. Zold
Thanks to Audio-Technica for their continuous support!

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YouTube Piano – Play on YouTube with Computer keyboard

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Cmaj (0:15) – D (0:30) – E (0:45) – F (1:00) – Gmaj (1:15)
A (1:30) – B (1:45) – C (2:00) – D (2:15) – E (0:00)

Play Piano on YouTube! Use Keyboard Buttons 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 0. Mobile users Please use pinned comment.

#YouTubePiano #VirtualPiano #PlayPianoYoutube

This YouTube video is an interactive video where you can simply use your computer keyboard and mouse to play the youtube piano.

Instructions: Play the video and use your computer keyboard (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0) keys to play the corresponding notes/chords.

YouTube Acoustic Guitar:
Youtube Classical Guitar:
YouTube Piano (Chords):
YouTube BASS:
YouTube Saxophone:
YouTube Ukulele:
YouTube Drums:

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Top 5 AMAZING KIDS Piano Street Performances Videos || AWESOME

Best kids piano street performers musicians. Incredible kid playing piano videos. Contains piano covers of popular songs. I’m yours play me piano edition. Piano music at it’s best. Contains amazing talented kids with incredible talent. Kids are amazing. Kids are awesome.

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Full videos in order of appearance:

Nuvole Bianche – Street Piano Prague

“Play Me I’m Yours” Munich 2013 (Wanderpiano, Max-Joseph-Platz) part-18

Play Me I´m Yours! Canary Wharf Street Piano

Little Kid Amazes Costco Shoppers with His Impromptu Piano Performance

niño prodigio tocando el piano

Learn to Play Piano on GarageBand #1 – How to Play Music with Your Computer Keyboard

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This series of videos shows you how to open up GarageBand and navigate the program so you can play piano on your computer keyboard in GarageBand with the musical typing tool. If you enjoy this, check out our piano courses and tutorials available on our website:

Lesson one: learning to use the program GarageBand.
A lot of people want to learn music but don’t own an instrument because instruments, especially the piano, can be expensive. How would you know you wanted to own a piano, if you had never practiced it? This series of videos, which adapts piano lessons to be practiced on the free program GarageBand, will allow you to practice some easy piano exercises, so you can understand how exciting and fun playing piano can be. These videos are a perfect introduction to see if learning the piano is right for you and you can do it all on your computer keyboard without having to buy or borrow a piano!

What is Liberty Park Music? Liberty Park Music (LPM) is an educational website and music teaching platform. Complete piano, guitar, music theory, and drum lessons are all available at Follow well designed course curriculum from experience music teachers to reach your music learning goals!

For free sheet music sign up here:
You will find sheet music for all the songs our YouTube channel as well as many other classic and contemporary pieces! And our library of music is growing every day! Click the link and help yourself to an amazing musical resource!

New videos every Tuesday and Thursday! Request songs in the comments below or connect with us by using the hashtag #askLPM



1) You will hear a melodic cell played on a piano (one or more notes)
2) Using “trial and error”, you will have to play what you heard on your piano. Use pause if necessary.
3) You will hear and see what it was played, then back to step 1) for another melodic cell.

Practice this for several days, start from where you still find problems.

Visit our training site at

Piano vs Keyboard – Which one should you learn?

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What’s the difference between pianos and keyboards? How does the grand staff differ from lead sheets and chord tabs? This concise video will explain the differences between the instruments and the ways in which they are played, to help you make an informed decision regarding your musical pathway.

Watch your tutorials at the Play Around Piano Channel and then visit for your eBooks, sheet music and more.

Online Piano Lessons
Piano Lesson Playlist
Download sheet music and support material at

Keyboard Tutorials
Keyboard Tutorial Playlist
Download eBooks at

Other Courses and Resources
Play Expressive Piano Course Playlist
Scales for Keyboardists Playlist
Piano Tutorial Quickie Playlist

NB – and the Facebook Gallery have been deactivated.

Happy playing,
From Joanne
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The Musiah Piano Method Video – The Best Way To Learn Piano / Keyboard Music Online

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In this video, Piano Teacher & Musiah Inventor Brendan Hogan explains how the Musiah Piano Teaching Method will reduce the time it takes music students to learn how to read notes by at least two years.

Based upon traditional piano teaching methods, the Musiah Piano Method is derived from thousands of hours of pain-staking observation of hundreds of piano and keyboard teachers over a 17 year period.

Whether you’re looking for piano / keyboard lessons for kids or adults at a beginners, mid level or advanced level, Musiah’s online piano lessons are the best piano lessons anywhere online.

Start your FREE online piano lessons 7 Day Trial here:

Musiah is the world’s first A.I. (Artificially Intelligent) Virtual Piano Teacher – a new software invention that teaches adults and children how to play piano at a fraction of the cost of traditional private piano or keyboard lessons.

Visit to find out more.

A recent study showed that Musiah piano / keyboard students learn 5-8 times faster than students learning the same syllabus through traditonal piano / keyboard lessons, and best of all, they have more fun.

Using the latest patented A.I. technology, Musiah responds to your playing just like a traditional piano teacher and encourages you every step of the way.

What could be better than learning how to play the piano / keyboard in the comfort of your own home whenever it suits you.

Musiah makes real piano lessons so affordable. In fact up to 6 members of your family can all learn.

You can learn using a MIDI keyboard or you can even start off playing piano notes on your computer keyboard — so you can try Musiah’s online piano lessons straight away without having to commit to buying a MIDI keyboard.

And right now, you can try Musiah’s online piano lessons FREE for 7 days.

SImply visit to start your FREE 7 Day piano lesson trial now.

Here is a link to an overview of piano lessons online with Musiah:

The benefits of learning how to play piano with Musiah for students, parents and teachers are summarized here:

The Musiah Piano Teaching method has been developed over 17 years and has been taught to more than 80,000 piano students. The Musiah Piano Teaching Method is explained in detail here:

Information on what type of MIDI keyboard to get and also (as a temporary alternative) how to use your computer keyboard to play piano notes is available here:

Piano lessons with Musiah are very affordable, convenient and fun. They bring the opportunity to learn how to play piano to people everywhere.

Here is a link to an overview of piano lessons online with Musiah.

The benefits of learning piano online with Musiah for students, parents and teachers are summarized here.

Start your FREE online piano lessons 7 Day Trial here:
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In this video I’ll give you an overview of how to read piano sheet music on the grand staff. There are some easy methods that will help you remember the notes more easily. Let me show you how, step by step.

Want to review all of the notes learned in this lesson a little more slowly? Then you should check out the Note Reading Crash Course!

Want to practice reading notes, and get faster and better at it? Why not try the Note Speller for piano?

Want complete piano lessons that start at the beginning? Check out Unit 1 of Year 1 Piano Lessons:

All this and more at:

How To Read Music: Video 1 Grand Staff Notes teaches how to read all the notes on the treble and bass clef staves and how to find them all on the piano keyboard. (Support materials available at

Good for beginners, and it is also good for novice or intermediate students who would like to gain a better understanding of music.

Tips: Read by finger patterns:

Beginner Lesson found at here:
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Beginner Keyboard lesson DVD play Piano Video learn

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DVD available from
. Introduction to Keyboard DVD & Video by Lee Davis is a 60 minute video for the beginning keyboard or piano student and is the companion video to the Keyboard Primer book. It covers all the basics of playing – including proper technique, hand and body positions, scales, chords, and note reading. The student plays along with a full band on 12 familiar songs which are played at 2 speeds (slow for practicing and performance tempo). Our unique split screens show both hands in detail and utilizes onscreen notation for all of the music, with a bouncing ball type pointer showing each note as it is being played. It’s all you need to get started on the keyboard or piano.
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How to start playing piano or keyboard // Complete beginner tutorial – basic technique and exercises

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0:00 Introduction
1:15 Keyboard Layout
3:15 Important Basic Technique
5:38 5 Note finger work and Improv
15:41 Starting to play chords
26:15 Black Key Improv

A lot of people want to but don’t know how to start playing piano/keyboard. This video is a tutorial on how to play piano for beginners covering some BASIC TECHNIQUE, how to GET YOUR FINGERS MOVING, PLAYING CHORDS some simple IMPROV to loosen up and use your ears, plus starting off . I think that learning by doing is a great first step into music


4 Reasons you need to learn scales!

Start you first C major scale

‘Fun Beginner piano exercises that SOUND GOOD’

Naming the White notes

Naming the black notes

In depth beginner’s guide on what to learn


Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course


// PDF WORKSHEETS from piano from scratch website





My Camera UK




MY KEYBOARD (Mine’s older, this is the newer model)

AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER – These are affiliate links, meaning that I may earn a small commission from any qualifying purchases

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Note: I was already a musician when I started the piano, I have been playing guitar since the age of 8 and electronic music since the age of 15.
For those who discover me with this video, my progress can seem very fast but they are logical in regards of my journey. I spent thousands of hours composing music, listening to it, and I already had a sense of rhythm and harmony because of it. The piano is very visual, so progress quickly arrived, especially since I spent a lot of time there (it was my number 1 priority during this year !)
I invite people who discover me with this video to go see what I have been doing for several years on my youtube channel and my soundcloud, to better understand my journey.

Good viewing 🙂

1. Liquid – Sweet Harmony 0:21
2. Derrick May – Strings of life 0:27
3. Stevie Wonder – Isn’t she’s lovely 0:31
4. Gypsy Woman – She’s Homeless 0:46
5. Daft Punk – Within 1:05
6. Jazz Jam 1 2:10
7. Golberg Variations – Bach – Aria 1st part 2:23
8. Jazz Jam 2 3:04
9. Jazz Jam 3 3:16
10. Turkish March – Mozart 3:42
11. Lullaby of Birdland (Don Shirley’s style) 4:07
12. Golberg Variations – Bach – Aria 2nd part 4:38
13. Autumn Leaves 5:24

Starting playing the piano changed my life. After classes, I went home and instead of watching Netflix I chose to practice the piano, and somehow it helped me to get more energy, feeling productive and focus. I believe that what we learn always helps us in other areas of life.

I started by practicing famous loops from classic house music, because I listen to a lot of it, and I wanted to play it in live situation with my drumbox. I am also really interested in jazz and classic music too, and after practicing those simple loops I decided to get to more complex songs by playing them.

I got into music theory, just enough to understand what I play (especially in jazz music), why it sounds like this and how I can shape my own voicings.

Here is some cools youtube channel to learn piano jazz:
Piano Pig:
Piano en ligne (french):

I also highly recommand you to watch “Green Book” and “Whiplash”, two of my favorite movies about Jazz Music.

Piano used:
Juno DS 61- Roland

Basic Keyboard Lessons in Tamil | Class 1 | Tamil keyboard Tutorial

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other classes

Class 2 :
Class 3 :
Class 4 :
Class 5 :
Class 6 :

YouTube Piano – Play It With Your Computer Keyboard

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C# 0:38 D# 1:02 F# 1:50 G# 2:14 A# 2:38 C# 3:26 D# 3:49

Discover My Methods On How I Quickly Learn New Songs By Ear (Free 4-Part Video Lessons)
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I believe music is supposed to be fun and easy to learn, and my Amosdoll Music YouTube Channel is your place to go for Music Education, Creativity and Entertainment.
#piano #amosdoll

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