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romanticizing studying playlist

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romanticizing studying playlist

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JAZZ PIANO – Instrumental music for studying concentration

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Instrumental music for studying concentration. Acoustic jazz piano for better concentration and studying.

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● Relaxing house music for studying

● How to study
When you sit down to study, how do you transfer that massive amount of information from the books and notes in front of you to a reliable spot in your mind? You need to develop good study habits as outlined below. At first, it’ll take a good deal of conscious effort to change your studying ways, but after a while, it’ll become second nature, and studying will be easier to do.

● How to concentrate on studies
Are you having trouble concentrating on your studies? Well don’t worry it happens to the best of students. Maybe you just need to shake up your study patterns, try a new technique, or simply come up with a really effective study plan that allows your mind breaks as often as you need. With the right set-up, concentrating will be easier.

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2 Hour Beautiful Piano Music for Studying and Sleeping 【BGM】

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2 Hour Beautiful Piano Music for Studying and Sleeping 【BGM】

❂ Credits:


❋ Foxtail Grass


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β–ΊBeautiful Piano Music Vol.1:
β–ΊBeautiful Piano Music Vol.2:

βœ”1-Hour anime music Mix:
βœ”2-Hour anime music Mix:

Track list:
0:00:00 Senbonzakura
0:05:55 Time to Love – October
0:09:55 Bamboo – Piano Master
0:14:09 Red dragonfly
0:17:17 How to spend winter
0:22:35 One day’s leave – Foxtail Grass
0:24:48 Floating flow – Foxtail Grass
0:28:59 Love Moon
0:33:01 Landscape
0:36:31 Rain
0:40:18 Tsumugi song
0:43:27 Tokyo Ghoul – Nine
0:47:23 Wrapping in snow – Foxtail grass
0:49:39 A small piece – Foxtail grass
0:53:34 Hatsune Miku – Pierrot
0:58:34 Double Lariat
1:03:32 The small building

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Beautiful Instrumental Study Music πŸ“• Relaxing Piano Music for Studying & Focus Concentration πŸ“™

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Beautiful Instrumental Study Music πŸ“• Relaxing Piano Music for Studying & Focus Concentration πŸ“™

Use this video as a background while studying, doing homework or working at the office to focus and improve concentration. We hope you will enjoy this beautiful piano music!


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“Disquiet, Rains Will Fall, Sovereign, Evening Fall, Moonstone, White, Crossing the Divide, Fresh Air” by Kevin MacLeod (
(CC BY 3.0)

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